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Glitch's Trip
Glitch's Trip is a tough twin-stick platformer where you play as Glitch, a gooey green ball of space alien, who is trying to survive in worlds dominated by deadly alien bullies. You'll leap over seas of lava, rave in fluctuating gravity, blast baddies that want to ruin your day, and glitch through hundreds of near death experiences. 



  • Take on 100 (75 Currently in Early Access) bite size levels that you can play during any chunk of time.

  • Not enough? Play on challenge mode and enjoy and more deadly experience. 

  • No need to wait! Quick spawns and fast level loads make it so you're always in the action.

  • Conquer 4 (3 Currently in Early Access) unique worlds and vanquish their epic bosses.

  • Equip power ups to help survive in this luminous experience.

  • Master the environment by changing gravity, toggling blocks, and more. 

  • Glitch out to survive the most craziest of situations.

  • Dodge deadly obstacles and battle killer enemies.

  • Build your own levels with the in game Level Editor.

  • Jam out to a trippy electronic soundtrack.

Available In Early Access Here: